Hacklab ry.

Hacklab ry. (registered association) is an umbrella ogranisation founded by hacklab.fi cooperation network in 2019, which acts for benefit of its member organisations all across Finland.

Association register information


History of hacklab.fi cooperation network starts from 2012, and the umbrella organisation continues this by enabling better common resources and sharing responsibility for developing operations. The organisation has a commitee which is in charge of the budget, calling for meetings and other duties mentioned in the rules.

Membership in Hacklab ry. is open for all hacklab associations in Finland. Hacklab.fi network continues its informal operations next to the organisation, so for example newly founded groups can join in the cooperation regardless of membership.

You can contact us fastest on Matrix-channel #general:hacklab.fi, also IRC-channel #hacklab.fi at Freenode network delivers. Or you can drop us an email info@hacklab.fi


Purposes of the organisation briefly are:

  • act as a national interest group
  • arrange education and informing
  • arrange happenings and meetings
  • assist member groups in different ways
  • cooperate with other groups on national and international level
  • do marketing
  • keep track of hacklab activity in Finland and internationally
  • be in charge of shared funds and resources

Complete official rules of the organisation only available in Finnish

Bank account

Our IBAN account number is FI45 5670 0820 3659 12. We accept donations please use reference number RF43 3800 1. If you want, you can tell the board about your donation.