Hackerspaces and Makerspaces in Finland  

Community workspace

Hacklab is a place, where anyone has a possibility to learn, build, plan and make those things, that interest most. Hacklab is maintained by its members. Running a hacklab is based on volunteering, sharing and doing things on your own or together

Hacklabs in Finland are part of the global Hackerspace movement. Our aim is to build wide multipurpose workspaces, and you can find wood workshops, metal working room, electronics repair workbench or classrooms in hacklabs. You can use a 3D printer, sewing machine or oscilloscopes, or get introduction how to use them.



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Seinäjoki Hacklab

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Hacklab.fi at Disobey

Hacklab.fi is participating in infosec and hacker culture event Disobey. We'll have tools for electronics repair and building available at our booth. Place and date: Helsinki, Kattilahalli / 12-13th Jan. 2018 / disobey.fi ...

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